Residential Players

A Residential Year Round Tennis Training Center

The Rusty Miller Tennis Academy owns and operates a year-round, full time, residential tennis training program at the Anaheim Hills Racquet Club in Anaheim Hills, California. This program offers the perfect combination of personalized tennis instruction, tournament play, academics, and social interaction for junior tennis players.

Our Academy isn’t for everyone. The training program is designed for intermediate or ranked youngsters who want to improve their ranking or youngsters who are seeking tennis scholarships to college. Our young people are as serious about improving their tennis game as they are about getting an education. Unlike other academies, the Rusty Miller Tennis Academy takes a no-nonsense approach to tennis. Hard work, equal treatment, and a sustained commitment to excellence are the unique differences in our program. And Rusty Miller actively participates in this program on a daily basis.

Well-Rounded Program

Students attend the school of their choice and practice or play tennis afternoons and weekends. We also have early morning training for players who can accommodate this schedule. You’ll have the opportunity to see and play against some of the best players in the nation at the Academy. Junior Open as well as Adult Open tournaments are available every weekend.

You’ll develop a sound foundation for playing tennis, one that doesn’t have to be changed as you mature. You’ll learn how to handle ever-increasing levels of competition, how to concentrate, and how to maintain self-control, discipline and mental toughness. Every day each student receives both private and group lessons. In addition to physical conditioning exercises, students take part in competitive match play and drills, on-court coaching and power stroke production and development.

The program runs all year around, throughout the summer and during Christmas and Spring breaks. The full-time, boarding tuition is based on a monthly fee of $3500. The fee includes all tennis instruction both on and off the court, tournament fees, housing, meals, specially planned activities, and transportation to and from school, tournaments and other events. If you have a serious interest in playing tennis either in college or professionally, our program is for you. Call us today!

For someone who wants to become a competitive tennis player, either at the college or professional level, I can say without reservation that this program is the best in Southern California, because I have seen virtually all of them.”
– Carol S. Clemens, (Parents of Daniel Clemens, Ranked #1, 10 –year olds & Samantha Clemens, #11, , 12- year olds)

Emphasis on Education

Although the Academy will help students with school enrollment, parents and students are responsible for contacting the school directly for admission and payment schedules. California’s higher education offers a world-class education within the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) public systems. Numerous private universities, such as the Claremont Colleges, CalTech, Stanford and others make California the ideal place to reside.

With the community’s education ambiance, you’ll be pleased with the college preparatory programs found in the local junior and high schools in North Orange County, both public and private. These include:

  • Canyon High School (one of California’s top public high schools)
  • Yorba Linda High School (brand new, state-of-the-art public high schools)
  • Orange Lutheran High School (a well known co-ed private high school)
  • El Rancho Junior High School (blue ribbon public junior high school)
  • Hephatha Lutheran Junior High School (private Lutheran K-8 school)
  • Fairmont Jr High School (a private non-denominational junior high school)
  • St Francis of Assisi Catholic School (private Catholic K-8 school)

Nationally Recognized Academy

The Rusty Miller Tennis Academy is the largest year-round tennis academy in Southern California. Since its founding in 1979, the Academy had conducted a wide range of summer camps, private tennis schools, and tennis instruction at private facilities.

The Academy also sponsors two of the nation’s largest junior tournaments – the Arcadia Open Junior Tennis Tournament and the Anaheim Hills Open Junior Tennis Tournament. There are also 5 Junior Satellites (entry level events), 6 Adult Opens (NTRP), and 3 Senior events that are conducted annually by the Rusty Miller Tennis Academy’s staff. Other highlights of the program include:

  • Pro Shop located at the Anaheim Hills Racquet Club
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Two Students per room
  • Weight and Fitness programs

Ideal Location

Long known for its sunny and non humid climate, Southern California provides the ideal location for tennis players who are interested in playing all year around. Some 45 miles outside of Los Angeles, the Academy is located within 60 minutes of several ski slopes, within 30 minutes of beaches and such famous attractions as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, zoos, concerts, and other cultural events. In addition to the 11 tennis courts at the Anaheim Hills Racquet Club, some 40 additional courts are located within a short distances away. Transportation to and from off-site courts is provided by the Academy at no cost to the students.

Check out our Coaches Profiles and our Champions Profiles for more information on individual biographies. With more than 600 Southern California ranked tennis players, over 100 nationally ranked players, and more than 15 national champions having participated in the Rusty Miller Tennis Academy Programs, our reputation is solid and your investment is sound. Call us today.