Private Lessons with Staff

Rusty Miller's resume is rich with both professional playing and teaching awards.


Each of our staff professionals all exhibit the personal training of Rusty Miller's tennis and each has an extensive playing and tennis teaching background. Check out our Coaches Profiles for more information on each of our staff professionals.


Lessons with Staff Professionals

Duration Non-Member Pricing
Single lesson
Package of 11
Member Pricing
Single lesson
Package of 11
45 minutes $45.00
$495 + 2 free lessons = 13 lessons
$440 + 2 free lessons = 13 lessons
1 Hour $60.00
$660 + 2 free lessons = 13 lessons
$605 + 2 free lessons = 13 lessons


Please consult with each individual pro for exact lesson pricing (which may be higher than shown) depending on location, availability and other considerations. Feel free to send in questions (see below) or call us at (714) 998-4000.



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  1. jillpill says:

    Our son Ian has been taking lessons for over 2 years and his progress is amazing. Before Rusty, we struggled through 2 years going through our city’s parks and rec lessons. Ian loves Coach Ray and we do too (he knows just how to push Ian to get the best out of him). From what other parents have told me, they feel just the same about the other coaches; all of the coaches care about teaching as much as they do tennis. Ian is now on his high school varsity team and winning! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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